I know this page is supposed to give you some insight into what I’m all about, so I’ll see what I can do without boring you into a coma or making it sound like a dating profile. To begin with, my name’s Rhys Owens and I’m from Swansea in South Wales, UK. I’ve either been studying or working within the field of digital art and design for the last couple of decades (I feel old now). I’ve studied graphic design, life drawing, technical illustration, some ceramics; but digital art pays the bills—which is good news, because I can’t throw a clay pot to save my life.

The Work

My artwork is inspired by anything visual: films, tv, cartoons, computer games, gig posters and street art, among other things. I try to include a bit of everything in my work, but my most popular pieces are slightly surreal, dark, anthropomorphic characters. I’ve never been able to describe the concept behind these characters accurately, but to say that they’re inhabitants of an urban, post-apocalyptic environment wouldn’t be a bad start.

The Website

I sell my artwork through a number of distributors, but I want to be able to provide signed prints direct from my studio. I call these Studio Editions, for obvious reasons, and they come in two sizes with a limited run of 250 prints per size. I try to keep prices reasonable and delivery reliable. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact me here and I’ll do my best to help.