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Casual Fridays and Framed Prints

My current blog posts are averaging one a year so it's time for the annual update, 2014. I've been working tirelessly (this is completely untrue) to increase the selection of prints available in the online shop, and today's addition is titled Casual Fridays. I've also introduced framed prints which are only available to UK customers currently. International orders for framed prints are possible, but please contact me for a quote on delivery beforehand.


  • Posted by Helga Holland on


    I am a Welsh girl from Pontypridd now transplanted to New York City.

    I have your “The Morning After” graphic on my wall, on my cell phone case, and I gave another to my son who is a sound engineer and has it in his studio.

    It’s my all time favorite. My next favorites are the rest of the Hidden Moves graphic series.

    If I lived alone I would have my walls plastered with them.


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